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Miranda's Final Picture - Courtesy: Garden of Innocence

Forgotten Casket Found Under Garage in SF Neighborhood

An Odd Fellows Cemetery Mystery Solved

Edith Howard Cook was born on November 28, 1873 and died on October 13, 1876.

The fact that she died so young from a form of malnutrition or that her family (the Cooks) were a very prominent San Francisco family in the late 1800’s would not be particularly news worthy today.

Except, her well sealed cast iron and glass coffin was found under the garage of a private home on Rossi Street  near the University of San Francisco in 2016!

The story was carried nationally and as far way as the UK by the Daily Star is best told on the nonprofit Garden of Innocence website and traces back to the Odd Fellows Cemetery where Edith, nick named “Miranda Eve,” was originally laid to rest back in 1876 in the Cook family plot.

Apparently, Edith’s casket was missed when the rest of her family and 25,000 others were moved to Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma.

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