Odd Fellows Section of Greenlawn Memorial Park in Colma

This is the location of the Old Fellows Relocation Cemetery in Colma, California which is a few miles south of San Francisco along I-280 (see map below).

Originally, a subdivision of the  Lone Mountain Cemetery in San Francisco proper (Geary and Turk streets, Parker Avenue and Arguello Boulevard), the Odd Fellow’s Cemetery was relocated to the Greenlawn Memorial Park starting in 1933. 

Old Fellows Relocation Cemetery in Colma, an aerial view
Old Fellows Cemetery Relocation site in Colma California


In the image below, the grave plot map can be seen as an overlay showing where the mass graves are in relation to the commercial farming operations.

Moved from The City...

More than 26,000 people who had been buried at the Odd Fellow’s Cemetery were supposed to be relocated in Colma, but at least some of the entombed were missed. Case in point, 3-year old Edith Rose Cook who died in 1876, was found during home renovations in May, 2016 (see this CBS 5 report, and this Mercury News article).

Over the years the relocated graves have again become unwelcome and the current owners have leased this hallowed ground out to grow commercial flowers. 

Old Fellows Cemetery - Commercial flower growing grounds on top of the relocated graves.
Odd Fellows Cemetery in Colma, CA - with the plot overlay .
Odd Fellows Cemetery in Colma, CA - with the plot overlay.