The PDF document below is the 1975 microfilmed copy of the San Francisco County, City of San Francisco Health Department records for the Odd Fellows Cemetery for the years 1865 to 1906 when the City stopped all burials within city limits.

A few things about the PDF document. It contains more than 700 pages of names with each page being a photo of a page in the original registry. The recorded names are grouped by the first letter of the last name (e.g. all the “A” last names are grouped with each other, and all the “B” last names are grouped with the other “B” last names). However, the names are in burial date order NOT in alphabetical order.  

The document has been processed so that most most names and words can be searched for and located. However, not all the characters have been recognized as we would expect. For example, a search for the name “Bullock” may not find any entries, while a search for “Bull” may locate  entries for “Bullock”, “Turnbull”, and “Bush”. While the first two results are expected, the third result would not be. However, the “sh” in Bush apparently is recognized as “ll”. 

After you have downloaded the PDF file (it’s 70MB in size, so may take a bit of time to complete the download), open it up and flip through the pages to get a feel for what’s there. Then you can start doing your family member research and for the best results be creative in how you search.

Odd Fellows Cemetery Removal Registry 1865-1906

The Future

Future plans are to have this register transcribed into a more searchable format, but because of the hand notations this is a long process to complete. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We also want to thank the Western Neighborhoods Project / for the use of many of the photos on this site.